Look who’s here?!


Guess what? We’ve launched our new website of course! We are super excited. Why? We’ve caught up with modern times and now online! We know it took almost a year before we acquired a domain name and went live.. but we’d like to think that it is worth the wait. Well, at least we think so!

So tell what you think about this site. We know it’s kind of simple looking… mainly because we’re not website designers. But we promise to fill it with informative content. We are in the process of compiling useful resources such as part time employment guide and rental listing. These were some of the requests by people who have approached us in the past few months. We hear you! Although this site looks empty at the moment, we will be filling it up with stuff that YOU want!

Again, feel free to contact us by email nelly@mheac.com to provide us with feedback.

We welcome anyone who wants to join us. The more the merrier we reckon. So if you’d like to volunteer please contact us by emailing admin to the email mentioned previously. As we develop this site, it will be a lot better! Trust us! Because our mum does! Jokes.

We are serious in our purpose, that is to help people of all walks of life to succeed in their studies, but we also like to make this journey as enjoyable as humanly possible by lightening up! Follow our posts and you’ll soon know!

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark our site to your favourites.. you know you want to!

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