Meet Trix – Removalist expert on a mission!


Right of the bat, we’d like to introduce you to Trix. One of our original team member. He is currently a removalist by trade and a recent computer science graduate. His passion to help others who are going through what he’s gone through before is what brought him here at MHEAC. Let’s do an introduction somewhat differently to what you are probably used to… Instead of us spinning a blurb on someone.. let’s interview the guy instead! Below is a slightly modified transcript of the candid interview:

Nelly: So Trix, first tell us your current job and how you got it?

Trix: Well, I am currently employed as a removalists for a removals company for the last year or so. Kinda new to it but found the job to be a lot better than I first thought it’d be. You know… back then I just need a job, any job really.. and this came up and thought to myself what the heck? Why not?

Nelly: Interesting! So how long do you see yourself doing this job?

Trix: To be honest, I seriously don’t mind doing this, moving people’s belonging to new location. Especially if they really appreciate your job. I think people appreciate your work because to many, it is a highly physically demanding job. Yes, we are given the right tools to make the job easier, but there are times when it is a completely manual effort! As the other removalists that I am working with. I’m sure they’d say the same thing.

Nelly: But what about your computer degree? Will you be using it any time soon?

Trix: Of course. I contemplate about it, pretty much on a daily basis. Why? Have you got a paid position here at MHEAC? (chuckles..) But I’ve always been taught by my parents to be grateful with whatever you’ve got. I guess this would apply to jobs and perhaps other things in life in general.

We interviewed Trix for quite some time. But thought to cut down and edit the good bits before publishing it. We kinda like to keep some of you guys guessing.

So when we say, people of all walks of life can join us, we really mean it. From removalists to tattoo artists (more on this in future posts). Pretty much anyone can join us. In fact, we had so much fun interrogating Trix about his life, we’re might do it to the other team members. So make sure you bookmark our site and keep an eye out for future posts. So if you think Trix the removalist from a removals company is quite a read. Wait until you read the story of our other team members. It might even shock you!

Like we’ve said, stay tuned!

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