Meet Ben – Roofing expert


To continue with the introduction of our volunteer staff. This post is to introduce Ben. Ben is more than meets the eye! With a business degree under his belt, he started by working for a roof replacement company as a contractor. He quickly learned the trick of the trades for pretty much anything to do with roof restoration such as re-roofing, roof replacement and recolouring old roofs.

Ben learned so much that he now runs his own roofing company and will be employing staff in the very near future. When asked why he decided to help us with MHEAC, he said he simply wanted to share his experience in using his degree to help him set up his new business. Basically to tell others that working for an organisation is not the only option when it comes to crafting your career. Running your very own business might me an attractive and viable option as oppose to earning a fix salary.

Of course we welcomed him with open arms. Our objective when forming a team, albeit a volunteering arrangement, is trying to have a diversified one. Ideally, everyone in the team would have a different educational background and different current situation. That way, we get to see from as many different angles as possible.

Let’s dig into Ben’s hobbies and likes. After probing him with the necessary questions, this is the cream of the crops that we got from him:

  • He is a passionate basketballer! With his favourite team being the Chicago Bulls.
  • An inspiring entrepreneur, which probably explains why he has his own roofing company at the moment!
  • Likes to draw and design. Again probably explains the roofing structure drawing stuck on his bedroom walls!

So if you like to meet Ben in person, just give us a shot! You never know, you might get an expert tip on roof restoration together with your query about your studies. Killing two birds with one stone! Hahaha, the old saying definitely applies here!

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