A New Landscaping Design Course Now Available Online


A lot of kids nowadays are still unsure of their plans after high school. Surely, they must know they can’t spend the rest of their life skating at the park, or surfing the waves, or just hanging out at a café. More often than not, they might have thought about taking up an interesting course that will allow them to get a good job after uni.

But what university course would be advisable to take? You got your usual management courses if you want to work in an office. Or a business course if you plan to open your own business. Or one can go into the arts: creative, visual, literature or even animation. Yes, a lot of options are available.

How about designing gardens and landscapes? This is one area that may seem unusual but actually is very lucrative. Haven’t you seen these TV shows about renovating homes where the guy in charge of the outdoor garden manages to improve the way the property looks? Rog, a friend of Trix (our team member) who owns www.stylishoutdoorsolutions.com.au said it is about time!

So, there’s an exciting new online course on landscaping design, specifically teaching students how to creatively design a garden layout for all types of buildings, homes or any outdoor structure, like parks, commercial centers, shopping malls, town squares, even convention centers.

Not only will they learn how to make attractive landscapes and garden settings, they also find out what types of plants and greens would be ideal for certain locations and terrain. Even the type of plants that are sustainable and don’t require a lot of water to maintain will be a big consideration. Making sure outdoor grounds and landscape won’t cost much to maintain is a primary focus since it can put a big dent in any building owner’s operating cost.

Obviously, a lot of money is being invested in green architecture and design these days. Companies want to be known as purveyors of environmental awareness and sustainable business practices. What better way to present this image than to design their company headquarters with lots of shrubbery and natural landscaping?

This online course is cool because one doesn’t just stay in a classroom listening to a teacher’s boring lecture. Students actually get to decide what to do and where to go to learn more about the course. There are online guides that take students to specific topics of the course, and each topic leads to a massive wealth of resources, both online and offline, and even initiates interaction with landscaping professionals for some cool online learning via a chat line or video.

Aside from getting exposure from industry practitioners and site visits, students also have a chance of going on a six-month internship where they will be part of a real landscaping design firm and be involved in getting their hands in the dirt (literally) and actually doing the work while learning from the pros.

The last module of the course is an Independent Research Project that lets students propose a design theme for a real client. This gives students an opportunity to go at their own pace in coming up with a concept, design and implementation plan for the proposed landscape design.

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