MHEAC (Multicultural Higher Education Assistance Cooperation) is a newly established non-profit organisation to assist people from all walk of life in furthering their higher education in Australia. It was formed late 2014 and have recently launched this website mheac.com to make it easier for people to connect and get in touch with us. We cater for all types of further and higher education in Australia, whether it’s university or TAFE studies.

Members of the group is very diverse and all of us here have gone tertiary¬† studies in the past and we know how tough it can be especially coming here from a different culture. So many challenges…

The group is relatively small, but we are passionate to do whatever we can to assist and help, especially to those who are struggling with their studies. We assist by providing guidance and the necessary information to make your study life a little bit easier. We are also looking to compile an array of resources for easy reference. For example employment for students, accommodation vacancies and course information.

Our primary aim is to ensure you successfully complete your studies, despite of your background. We value and respect all people and would like everyone to unite as one!

Our motto is: “further knowledge will unite us all and lead us on the same path..”

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