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How to Choose a Car Hire Company


As you all might know, this blog is primarily aimed at students – both locally and international students. In this particular post we wanted to briefly discuss about newly arrived overseas students here in Australia – tips on how to choose a car rental company. Many of them would need some sort of transportation to get around. Whilst many can get away by using public transport, some may have to consider hiring a car. Especially during your very first week before finding a suitable car for purchase. If you need help in deciding a care hire company to choose from, perhaps this car hire Perth page may help.

Before reading any further, we recommend watching this video we found talking about license requirements for renting a vehicle in Australia:

Car Hire: Negotiating a Good Deal

One of the most common pet peeve when renting a car is the associated cost. The best advice to lower cost is to hire for longer periods. Although this may sound contrary, by hiring the car for longer periods allow you to negotiate better rates. This is true for almost all car rental companies around Australia.  You can confirm this by simply calling up the different companies and asking them about the special deals for longer rental terms.

To help you decide on a good company, consider the following tips:

Read Online Car Hire Reviews

We cannot stress on how important it is to search for local reviews left by previous users. Make sure you can differentiate between a real and fake reviews. Genuine reviews are often written longer or straight to the point. Just follow your gut instinct and most likely than not, you will be correct. You should not only look for positive reviews but you should also have a look closer into negative reviews; as negative reviews may obviously raise a red flag. If you are a super detective :) you may also want to actually get in contact with the people who left a review. That way you can actually confirm their validity.

Cheapest is Not Always the Best Option

Many would agree that price is a big factor when it comes to choosing a provider, this is true for all purchases we make during our lifetime. One important thing to remember is to weight the risk and the benefits. That is, being the cheapest may not be the best option. In fact, choosing the cheapest deal my end up costing you more in the long run. For example, some car rental companies have hidden fees that may not be that obvious such as high excess insurance fees. So make you you ask before signing on the dotted line. Also consider other factors such as locations and any fuel surcharge for long distance travel.

Wide Range of Vehicles

People come form different walk of life. So not everybody will be your cup-of-tea, having different needs etc. So going with a company that has a considerably wide range of vehicle choice is a smart move. For example there will be times when you simply need a zippy small city car or a bigger people mover.

So why not tell us your experience of hiring a car by commenting below on this page.

A New Landscaping Design Course Now Available Online


A lot of kids nowadays are still unsure of their plans after high school. Surely, they must know they can’t spend the rest of their life skating at the park, or surfing the waves, or just hanging out at a café. More often than not, they might have thought about taking up an interesting course that will allow them to get a good job after uni.

But what university course would be advisable to take? You got your usual management courses if you want to work in an office. Or a business course if you plan to open your own business. Or one can go into the arts: creative, visual, literature or even animation. Yes, a lot of options are available.

How about designing gardens and landscapes? This is one area that may seem unusual but actually is very lucrative. Haven’t you seen these TV shows about renovating homes where the guy in charge of the outdoor garden manages to improve the way the property looks? Rog, a friend of Trix (our team member) who owns said it is about time!

So, there’s an exciting new online course on landscaping design, specifically teaching students how to creatively design a garden layout for all types of buildings, homes or any outdoor structure, like parks, commercial centers, shopping malls, town squares, even convention centers.

Not only will they learn how to make attractive landscapes and garden settings, they also find out what types of plants and greens would be ideal for certain locations and terrain. Even the type of plants that are sustainable and don’t require a lot of water to maintain will be a big consideration. Making sure outdoor grounds and landscape won’t cost much to maintain is a primary focus since it can put a big dent in any building owner’s operating cost.

Obviously, a lot of money is being invested in green architecture and design these days. Companies want to be known as purveyors of environmental awareness and sustainable business practices. What better way to present this image than to design their company headquarters with lots of shrubbery and natural landscaping?

This online course is cool because one doesn’t just stay in a classroom listening to a teacher’s boring lecture. Students actually get to decide what to do and where to go to learn more about the course. There are online guides that take students to specific topics of the course, and each topic leads to a massive wealth of resources, both online and offline, and even initiates interaction with landscaping professionals for some cool online learning via a chat line or video.

Aside from getting exposure from industry practitioners and site visits, students also have a chance of going on a six-month internship where they will be part of a real landscaping design firm and be involved in getting their hands in the dirt (literally) and actually doing the work while learning from the pros.

The last module of the course is an Independent Research Project that lets students propose a design theme for a real client. This gives students an opportunity to go at their own pace in coming up with a concept, design and implementation plan for the proposed landscape design.

Meet Ben – Roofing expert


To continue with the introduction of our volunteer staff. This post is to introduce Ben. Ben is more than meets the eye! With a business degree under his belt, he started by working for a roof replacement company as a contractor. He quickly learned the trick of the trades for pretty much anything to do with roof restoration such as re-roofing, roof replacement and recolouring old roofs.

Ben learned so much that he now runs his own roofing company and will be employing staff in the very near future. When asked why he decided to help us with MHEAC, he said he simply wanted to share his experience in using his degree to help him set up his new business. Basically to tell others that working for an organisation is not the only option when it comes to crafting your career. Running your very own business might me an attractive and viable option as oppose to earning a fix salary.

Of course we welcomed him with open arms. Our objective when forming a team, albeit a volunteering arrangement, is trying to have a diversified one. Ideally, everyone in the team would have a different educational background and different current situation. That way, we get to see from as many different angles as possible.

Let’s dig into Ben’s hobbies and likes. After probing him with the necessary questions, this is the cream of the crops that we got from him:

  • He is a passionate basketballer! With his favourite team being the Chicago Bulls.
  • An inspiring entrepreneur, which probably explains why he has his own roofing company at the moment!
  • Likes to draw and design. Again probably explains the roofing structure drawing stuck on his bedroom walls!

So if you like to meet Ben in person, just give us a shot! You never know, you might get an expert tip on roof restoration together with your query about your studies. Killing two birds with one stone! Hahaha, the old saying definitely applies here!

Meet Trix – Removalist expert on a mission!


Right of the bat, we’d like to introduce you to Trix. One of our original team member. He is currently a removalist by trade and a recent computer science graduate. His passion to help others who are going through what he’s gone through before is what brought him here at MHEAC. Let’s do an introduction somewhat differently to what you are probably used to… Instead of us spinning a blurb on someone.. let’s interview the guy instead! Below is a slightly modified transcript of the candid interview:

Nelly: So Trix, first tell us your current job and how you got it?

Trix: Well, I am currently employed as a removalists for a removals company for the last year or so. Kinda new to it but found the job to be a lot better than I first thought it’d be. You know… back then I just need a job, any job really.. and this came up and thought to myself what the heck? Why not?

Nelly: Interesting! So how long do you see yourself doing this job?

Trix: To be honest, I seriously don’t mind doing this, moving people’s belonging to new location. Especially if they really appreciate your job. I think people appreciate your work because to many, it is a highly physically demanding job. Yes, we are given the right tools to make the job easier, but there are times when it is a completely manual effort! As the other removalists that I am working with. I’m sure they’d say the same thing.

Nelly: But what about your computer degree? Will you be using it any time soon?

Trix: Of course. I contemplate about it, pretty much on a daily basis. Why? Have you got a paid position here at MHEAC? (chuckles..) But I’ve always been taught by my parents to be grateful with whatever you’ve got. I guess this would apply to jobs and perhaps other things in life in general.

We interviewed Trix for quite some time. But thought to cut down and edit the good bits before publishing it. We kinda like to keep some of you guys guessing.

So when we say, people of all walks of life can join us, we really mean it. From removalists to tattoo artists (more on this in future posts). Pretty much anyone can join us. In fact, we had so much fun interrogating Trix about his life, we’re might do it to the other team members. So make sure you bookmark our site and keep an eye out for future posts. So if you think Trix the removalist from a removals company is quite a read. Wait until you read the story of our other team members. It might even shock you!

Like we’ve said, stay tuned!

Look who’s here?!


Guess what? We’ve launched our new website of course! We are super excited. Why? We’ve caught up with modern times and now online! We know it took almost a year before we acquired a domain name and went live.. but we’d like to think that it is worth the wait. Well, at least we think so!

So tell what you think about this site. We know it’s kind of simple looking… mainly because we’re not website designers. But we promise to fill it with informative content. We are in the process of compiling useful resources such as part time employment guide and rental listing. These were some of the requests by people who have approached us in the past few months. We hear you! Although this site looks empty at the moment, we will be filling it up with stuff that YOU want!

Again, feel free to contact us by email to provide us with feedback.

We welcome anyone who wants to join us. The more the merrier we reckon. So if you’d like to volunteer please contact us by emailing admin to the email mentioned previously. As we develop this site, it will be a lot better! Trust us! Because our mum does! Jokes.

We are serious in our purpose, that is to help people of all walks of life to succeed in their studies, but we also like to make this journey as enjoyable as humanly possible by lightening up! Follow our posts and you’ll soon know!

So what are you waiting for? Bookmark our site to your favourites.. you know you want to!